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Australia's food safety information portal

Become a Subscribing Member

Membership Options and Costs

The CFSI is able to support its customers with world-class services through the financial support that it receives from subscribers. Services include:

  • Personalised Resource Locator Service
  • Food Safety News
  • Free access to CB Premium
  • On-line R&D Capability Map
  • Training and Educational resources
  • Up to 50 registration logins for your organisation and/or affiliates
  • Customised data-mining of ComBase
  • Free registration to the CFSI Annual Members Forum
Subscription Level 1: 1 account: AUD $1,500/year (+GST)
Subscription Level 2: multiple accounts: AUD $5,000/year (+GST)
Subscription Level 3: multiple accounts + desktop project: A$ 10,000/year (+GST)

Benefits to being an CFSI member

Through the use of networks and an extensive range of contacts in industry, private research providers and Universities across Australia, CFSI assists the Australian food industry with:

  • Knowledge that helps control supply chain hazards and successfully launching safe, new, products
  • Cutting edge risk management tools
  • Knowledge transfer to help companies achieve high-level science-based market leadership
  • A world class food safety news service
  • A sophisticated and powerful Capability Map, updated directly by research providers themselves, to help you find specific food safety research services in a timely manner
  • A gateway to an extensive network of global food safety expertise

Download the Food Safety Centre Brochure.

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